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Twin Flame Webinars
Activating Your Soul Group Pod: Feel the Frequency of Union

We are in the process of establishing our spiritual soul community and the energies of co-creation, so together we more powerful, together we are unity consciousness.

Are you a twin flame or blue printer soul feeling stuck in a rut? Are you interested in learning about the third and fourth wave twin flames? Or are you in the process of stepping more deeply onto your divine life purpose and you need to feel the sense of high-level community and encouragement?

As we progress on our ascension path, the nature of relationship is expanding to include your soul community and specific individuals who have been activated to co-create with you at the highest level. One of the configurations we are seeing is the connection of the sacred trinity or energy of three. Often this incorporates twin flames and a twin ray to work together to build on this calling in your union frequencies.

Join three new earth healers: Andrea Moyah, Kasey Goldstraw Gorgenyi, and Mehreen Nasser as we call in your soul pod or soul community blue prints.

You will receive a diamond dolphin pod activation and a twin ray activation to both call in your soul support and to connect you to your soul pod. Come join us as we call in angels, masters, and dolphin energy to light up your joy success body for highest manifestation. Dolphins are joy bringers and masters of highest psychic gifts.

We will bring through your master blueprints, including your twin-flame soul harmony pod, as well as gold prints from golden Lemuria, Atlantis, and high-level star seed civilizations to bring through the skills and gifts you most need in this infraction. We will tune into the group and clear blocks to your wisdom and to you becoming your ascended self. You connect to your radiant heart and experience your home vibration newly activated on the earth.

Come expand into your most co-creative and empowered state. This course may include channeled angelic and ascended master wisdom, energy healing, sound healing, energy drawing, and light language activation.

Blue Printer Soul Group

Are you a twin flame or an advanced soul in the blue printer soul group wanting empowerment? Or are you fully awake and are you wanting to learn more?

One of the roles of advanced souls is to fix the distorted blue prints for humanity by bringing through the golden blueprints or ‘plans’ for humanity.

We are in the process of experiencing this now and you may be feeling called to go bigger on your mission. This is important work may involve a particular role for you on your mission.

Join twin flame healers Andrea Moyah and Kasey Goldstraw-Gorgenyi as we discuss the different blue printer groups including the blue print creators, designers, translators, deliverers or changers and the technicians.

If you are a Blue Printer you have an important purpose and may be facing challenges on your mission and purpose. Kasey and Andrea will tune into the group and incorporate energy healing and angel guidance to help you get clear on your role and we will collectively call through the new blueprints that will help you on your particular twin flame mission or divine life purpose. Because Blue Printers have important purposes, but because they are such advanced and sensitive souls, they can often experience a sense of isolation or uncertainty, so group work is especially empowering. Connecting with your soul group can provide you with clarity and renewed confidence on your path. Learning more about your soul group can help you transform blockages you may be experiencing on your twin flame or ascension journey. We will also call through the most important blue prints to the group.

Twin Flame Archangels Series
Are you a twin flame feeling everything between you and your union in these turbulent times? Or are you wanting to move more deeply into your union and understand your mission?

The twin flame archangels are here to help humanity and twin flames. Meet the Twin Flame Archangels

4 Part Webinar Series

Starting with Archangel Michael and Faith: Courage, Protection, and Clearing Interference in Your Union.

Twin Flame Shared Akashics Hall

Come experience past life healing on a twin flame level where we will clear past lives that are blocking you stepping into your twin flame mission and union in this lifetime.

Kasey Goldstraw Gorgenyi will tune into the group call in your twin flame union angels to clear and align your third energy and connect you to the sacred shared space of your Twin Flame Akashics Hall.

This event will include twin flame archangel guidance, energy healing, and chakra activations.

Twin Flame Healing Separation Webinar

Are you a twin flame in separation or really feeling the separation?

Now is a time of change for twin flames in separation to come together and 2020 is the year of union.

Join Kasey Goldstraw, angel intuitive, to clear your psychic pathways and open up your highest wisdom as we heal blocks to moving into both inner and outer union.

Energy Healing Webinars
An Intro to Golden Light Ascension Energy

Are you drawn to golden light? ⁠

Come be bathed in the incredible healing frequencies of golden light for an evening. I will discuss this new modality drawing on the powerful golden light of Archangel Christiel, the Archangels, Jesus, and the Golden Children.

This easy to learn, largely hands-on modality connects you to your highest path or ascension path, clears blocks to you going bigger on your healing path, and transforms you on all levels.⁠

This workshop is suitable for people at all levels of energy healing experience. No experience is required. It is a great way to discover more!

Unplugging from Global Fear and Grounding Your Light

Are you feeling stuck in fear and uncertainty? Are you an empath or sensitive soul in need of clearing and support? Time of uncertainty can cause us to become highly ungrounded.

Come join angelic intuitive Kasey Goldstraw and new earth mystic Andrea Moyah for a healing experience where we will release fear, both collectively and individually, and anchor in your divine life purpose and connect you to highest love. Come feel the love and support that angels, ascended masters, and high level community offers, so you can be clear, balanced, and grounded.

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Healer's Sanctuary Webinars

Healer’s Sanctuary: Activating and Expanding Your Creativity

Are you a healer beginning or wanting to take your healing practice to the next level? Come join new earth mystic Andrea Moyah and angel intuitive Kasey Goldstraw for empowerment.

In this webinar, we will activate and clear your creativity so you can connect to your inner artist. Have you been planning on writing or drawing or simply expanding your practice in creative ways?

We will clear blockages to your creative expression, including in the sacral and navel chakras. We will call on members of the group to offer their gifts to inspire confidence in creativity.

This webinar is suitable if you are a healer, have a healing practice, or are wanting to begin your healing practice. You will have plenty of opportunity to receive healing and will also be given the option to share your wisdom and healing with the group.

Please bring pastels and paper for energy drawing exercises.

This will include:

energy healing and sound healing
energy activations
angel and intuitive guidance
energy drawing time to share and expand your healing gifts
time in co-creation and highest community

Creating a Healer’s Sanctuary

Join angel intuitive Kasey Goldstraw and new earth mystic and healer Andrea Moyah as they harmonize their energy to create a healing sanctuary, so you can heal and receive.

Each day on this journey has its challenges and opportunities to go deep and expand and as a healer you are being called to stay crystal clear and aligned, so you can go bigger on your path and shine your light. How you show up for yourself is so important right now. You have an opportunity to transform your experience and assist those you are called to work with get clear and grounded as well.

Healer’s Sanctuary from May 12th, 2020

What if the only one limiting you IS you? You do need to recharge and refresh. Be good to Yourself and everything changes. The world needs You. Free, authentic, and empowered. There is no one else like You.

Join angel intuitive Kasey Goldstraw and new earth mystic and healer Andrea Moyah as they harmonize their energy so you can renew your energy and refresh your spirit allowing you to be of service to yourself and others.