Hands holstering rainbow energy

Rainbow Energy Healing

Rainbow Energy Healing (REH) is an angel based healing modality using a combination of colour, light, and Archangel guidance to heal the energy systems of the human body, resulting in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. You relax, fully clothed, on the treatment table as you are immersed in unique the divine guidance of Archangels Metatron, Micheal, and Raziel. I follow a series of hands on and hands off protocols to promote deep emotional release, psychic development, and spiritual insight. This energy instills inner joy and revitalizes your life on all levels, reminding you of our inherent divine oneness. This session is available in person or remotely if you are unable to come to my location.

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60 Minutes: $144 + HST
90 Minutes: $177 + HST

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