Twin Soul Connection Activation and Healing


Are you in a twin soul connection or wanting to know more about a close soul connection? Twin souls and advanced souls are being called into service as we continue to ascend globally more and more. But the twin soul path can be overwhelming, designed to trigger your growth and to awaken you to your highest calling. In this session, we will explore your soul’s journey as it relates to your twin or soul connection. I will call on Angels and your guides and their healing frequencies to heal mind-body issues, to remove blocks to your soul connection or twin soul, and
to provide guidance on how to further your union. Available remotely over skype or teleconferencing.

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This session includes:

  • Accessing the Akashic records and halls of learning (soul reading) for you and your twin flame/soul connection
  • Guidance on your mission as an advanced soul
  • Clearing turbulence (or negative energies) that are impacting you, your soul mate, or soul connection, and your divine mission
  • Inner child healing
  • Clearing of the ancestral templates for you and your soul connection
  • Clearing, and upgrading your energy system (chakras, auric field, and templates) and helping you manage your sensitivity
  • Intuitive reading of situations in your life (work, career, marriage, kids etc.)
  • Connecting you more fully with your soul/higher self and that of your twin soul or soulmate