Twin Flame Vision with Archangel Raziel



Are you in a twin flame or soul connection in relationship and wanting to co-create your highest vision? Have you gotten close to taking your mission to the next level but encountered blocks?

Combining your psychic gifts can be powerful. 

We are transforming at such an accelerated rate that you may need to align your energies and release old template blocks to your mission. Join Kasey Goldstraw Gorgenyi as we harmonize and balance your major chakras, clear blocks to your shared vision and bring through and your clairvoyant gifts and light up your shared twin vision chakra as well as your twin flame visual telepathy. Your shared clairvoyance is your co-creative centre and is transformative for manifesting your highest timeline. 

This webinar includes angelic energy clearing, angel guidance, guided visualization, and sound healing.

In this webinar, we clear, connect, and upgrade your shared clairvoyant centre and visual telepathy with Archangel Raziel and Metatron.  We also bring through your shared clairvoyant screen for more effective visualization. Raziel activates your most integral clairvoyant archetypes to assist you in reclaiming your clairvoyant gifts and we clear trauma blocks and frozen aspects from previous life times with your beloved that may be preventing you fully manifesting these gifts.  Kasey also guides you through daily visualization exercises to help you unify your vision. 

**Please note, this is an intermediate to advanced webinar and it is highly recommended that you have taken the webinar series Discover the Keys to Your Clairvoyance as a pre-requisite.