Sweet Surrender: Transcending the Blocks to Your Twin Flame Soul Connection



Is your soul longing for sweet surrender in love?  Are you wanting to take it to the next level and dive deeper into your soul flame connection but feeling held back by the turbulence of outside world events and the intensity of friends and families being woken up? This ‘interference’ may be creating blocks preventing you from accessing your mission and the depth of your connection and the sublime peace you are  here to create.

In this webinar, Kasey Goldstraw Gorgenyi and Krystal Maddocks-Smith draw on their twin flame experience and call in the twin flame archangels, including, Angels of Love, Chamuel and Charity, and Zadkiel and Amethyst, angels of deep healing, to invoke angel love, self love, and transformation. We will invoke that indelible state of grace or sweet surrender that can allude us when we get stuck in limitation and unworthiness.

As we grow and ascend, our chakra systems expand and regular clearing is so helpful. In this session we  clear your third energy or shared energy and activate your ‘transcendent love’ chakra, a chakra which greatly assist you clearing resistance to higher states of love.  We will share angel wisdom about the sweet surrender stage of union and the letting go of control as the final stage and an important part of each step of your union. 

In this webinar we will

–channel the healing presence of twin flame archangels, including Chamuel and Charity and Amethyst and Zadkiel to bring your union into the most optimal balance available

–share angel wisdom about the 9 guidelines to embody sweet surrender and the 5 blocks that often prevent the sweet surrender state of union and clear pivotal third energy blocks

–tune into the group and call in angel light to clear collective trauma that presents in the group, from this lifetime and previous incarnations

–change the narrative of limiting beliefs, definitions, and attachments to your twin flame ‘story’ and clear blocks to expanding your heart to embrace the highest bandwidths of love available

–activate your transcendent love chakra in a sacred ceremony to help you embody your higher self and to receive your union light codes



About the Facilitators:

KASEY GOLDSTRAW GORGENYI is an angel intuitive, clairvoyant, angelic energy facilitator, and yoga teacher.  She teaches Golden Light Ascension energy, a modality that supports wholeness on all levels. She loves to work with angels and to connect people to their highest purpose and their soul flame on their ascension paths.



Krystal Maddocks-Smith is a Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Counsellor, and Twin Flame Healer, Social Worker, and Golden Light Ascension Practitioner who teaches spiritual workshops in Toronto. Krystal offers healing sessions with a unique blend of Rainbow Energy Healing and Atlantean Crystal Soul Healing. As a highly sensitive empath, Krystal embodies the new earth energy and  healing wisdom of crystal-rainbow children. Her mission is to teach and empower new earth children and to honour their unique gifts and sensitivity.