Love Empowerment with Angel Mary and Her Healing Angels


Are you drawn to the beautiful and powerful Angel Mary and Mother Mary? Are you in need of love, healing, and empowerment as we descend through winter? As we approach December and winter in the northern hemisphere, the golden light and love is pouring in to support you from Angel Mary and her incarnation, Mother Mary. Together, they offer deep heart and soul level healing and miracles.

Archangel Mary is a deep healer of trauma, a divine feminine protector, and healer of our inner children. Twin Flame to Archangel Raphael, she has tremendous compassion and reminds you that you are an angel in human form here to experience LOVE. When we are ready to release soul level blocks, contracts, and limitations preventing us from attracting love, joy, and bliss into our waking experience, she steps forward to powerfully and gently assist us. December 2022 is particularly transformative because we have reached a point of completion collectively and Angel Mary is present to help us honour what is complete and celebrate the gift of our higher self as we move forward on our ascension pathways.  She is also absolutely surrounded by her healing angels and would be delighted for you to connect with them.

Join Kasey Goldstraw Gorgenyi  and Divine Mary Channel Griselle Preston, as we connect with Archangel Mary, Mother Mary, and their healing angels to help you embrace the love of the divine on your path of soul fulfillment.

In this webinar we:

  • Offer a Golden Rain Clearing of Unconditional Love with Angel Mary and her healing angels to reset your nervous system and release those heart burdens and trauma imprints that are ready to dissolve
  • Share a Mother Mary divinely channelled Message and Blessing of Love for Upcoming Solstice from Griselle Preston
  • Introduce 5 of Angel Mary’s archangels and share their unique tools with you
  • Explore her twin ray relationship harmonization gifts
  • Reclaim inner child soul fragments that present themselves to Transform and Restore Your Soul Gifts 
  • Complete with powerful  Heart Rose Activation Ceremony

$33 + applicable taxes


Kasey discovered her clairvoyance and love of the angelic realms as a child and has since been an angel ambassador. As an adult, she is the creator of the course Golden Light Ascension, an Angelic and Dragon Intuitive, Yoga Teacher, Soul Purpose Activator and Coach. Join her for an online angel inspired course or angelic energy session or find her on her youtube channel. 


Griselle Preston was born  and raised in beautiful Los Angeles, California. She is a second generation healer and soul alchemist. Griselle’s dedication to the healing arts is an homage to her beloved grandmother, Luz whose name translates into “Light” in Spanish. Her mission is in helping individuals claim their God given power and to brave forward with purpose.