Activating Your Soul Pod: Feel the Frequency of Union



We are in the process of establishing our spiritual soul community and the energies of co-creation, so together we more powerful, together we are unity consciousness.

Are you a twin flame or blue printer soul feeling stuck in a rut? Are you interested in learning about the third and fourth wave twin flames? Or are you in the process of stepping more deeply onto your divine life purpose and you need to feel the sense of high-level community and encouragement?


As we progress on our ascension path, the nature of relationship is expanding to include your soul community and specific individuals who have been activated to co-create with you at the highest level. One of the configurations we are seeing is the connection of the sacred trinity or energy of three. Often this incorporates twin flames and a twin ray to work together to build on this calling in your union frequencies.

Join three new earth healers: Andrea Moyah, Kasey Goldstraw Gorgenyi, and Mehreen Nasser as we call in your soul pod or soul community blue prints.