Past Webinars

Were you unable to tune in live? Here are some of our previously recorded webinars!

Getting Crystal Clear on Your Twin Flame Journey

Join Kasey Goldstraw-Gorgenyi as we discuss some of the significant blocks to gaining clarity on your Twin Flame Path as we call in your Archangel team for deep clearing. We also discuss the importance of the twin flame third energy and how to look after it.

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Unplugging from Global Fear and Grounding Your Light

Are you feeling stuck in fear and uncertainty? Are you an empath or sensitive soul in need of clearing and support? Time of uncertainty can cause us to become highly ungrounded. Come join angelic intuitive Kasey Goldstraw and new earth mystic Andrea Moyah for a healing experience where we will release fear, both collectively and individually, and anchor in your divine life purpose and connect you to highest love. Come feel the love and support that angels, ascended masters, and high level community offers, so you can be clear, balanced, and grounded.

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Creating a Healer’s Sanctuary

Join angel intuitive Kasey Goldstraw and new earth mystic and healer Andrea Moyah as they harmonize their energy to create a healing sanctuary, so you can heal and receive. Each day on this journey has its challenges and opportunities to go deep and expand and as a healer you are being called to stay crystal clear and aligned, so you can go bigger on your path and shine your light. How you show up for yourself is so important right now. You have an opportunity to transform your experience and assist those you are called to work with get clear and grounded as well.

Twin Flame Healing Separation Webinar

Are you a twin flame in separation or really feeling the separation?

Now is a time of change for twin flames in separation to come together and 2020 is the year of union.

Join Kasey Goldstraw, angel intuitive, to clear your psychic pathways and open up your highest wisdom as we heal blocks to moving into both inner and outer union.

Healer’s Sanctuary from May 12th, 2020

What if the only one limiting you IS you? You do need to recharge and refresh. Be good to Yourself and everything changes. The world needs You. Free, authentic, and empowered. There is no one else like You.

Join angel intuitive Kasey Goldstraw and new earth mystic and healer Andrea Moyah as they harmonize their energy so you can renew your energy and refresh you spirit allowing you to be of service to yourself and others.