Ascension. Energy. Angels.

Invite in the Divine Energy of Now.

Searching for calm and balance in a busy world?

Looking for a little quality time for the soul?

We are living in a transformational age of ascension, spiritual awakening, and personal growth. For many of us, this means our inner self calls, quietly and then more persistently, reminding us that we are each here to live with purpose and possibility. On this journey of becoming, we have incredible opportunity to embrace the divine energy of now and invite in joy, calm, and the sublime state of tranquility.

At Tranquility Wellness and Yoga, we offer energy healing sessions, spiritually based classes, and yoga to restore your balance, to open your intuitive knowing, and light up your divine path. We provide a sanctuary of light and comfort to remind you that you are surrounded in angelic support. Whether you need to catch your breath or re-new your inner spark, we hold space for you to journey inward and reclaim lasting tranquility.

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